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In May 1979 a group of women including Mrs Herrera Elizabeth Melendez established the Green Cross which is located in the central market of San Salvador. They met in a building (which is known as building 7) to treat a girl who was burnt in a recent accident, she was the daughter of a lady who owned a shop in the same building. In the following week another similar accident occurred in the same building.
All victims were tenets of building number 7 and they had no first aid support in the central market. From these accidents came the idea of contacting the representatives of the Salvadorian Green Cross who were located in the populous suburb of Santa Anita (approximately 3km). After several meetings the Green Cross agreed to operate in one location situated within the facilities of building number eight. This was a very strategic area as it was located in the center of the Central Market and it was now operating under the Green Cross flag.

The ladies had a passion to ensure the well being of the people who worked in the building as well as the customers.

As the initiators of the Emergency Service of Green Cross San Salvador in the central market, they are held are in high esteem for their dedication as founders. All the ladies including Elizabeth Melendez Herrera took the initiative to continue working in the volunteer service.
In June 1979 saw the beginning of the official first aid services and after that the volunteer service received first aid training to better serve the community.

Ambulancia Cruz Verde Candelaria
Cruz Verde Candelaria Ambulancia
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